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Unapologetic Color

modern quilt patterns + geometric paintings


Things that have become so routine in a culture that they’re second nature.

Let's shake off our old folkways and step boldly into new ones. It's vulnerable to feel our joy fully. It's scary to let the colors of our soul shine. But here's the thing... the world needs our color and it needs our joy. If there's a shortage of something in this world, it is a shortage of people letting their joy be big, abundant, and authentic. We need more people stepping into their true colors unapologetically.

Let's be those people.

You Have Something Beautiful to Create

If you have a voice in your head that quietly (or pretty loudly) is telling you that you can't create. I'm here to silence that. You have something wonderful to bring into this world - don't let doubt get in the way.

If you think (or you know) that quilts and textiles are the medium in which you want to express your creativity then I'd love to help! My quilt patterns are meant to help encourage and guide beginners while inspiring and rejuvenating those who are more experienced.

Dawnland Quilt Pattern

Dawnland Quilt Pattern

If you are a tried and true sewist, I hope this will be a blast for you! It will come together quick and before you know it you'll have beautiful quilt to snuggle or give away. For those who are more... trying but still true, this is such a wonderful place to start or gain confidence! I include a lot of explanation, and I gear my directions to beginners so that you don't feel so overwhelmed.

Sundown Quilt Pattern

Sundown Quilt Pattern

The Sundown quilt pattern is “super quick to come together” as put by one of my wonderful pattern testers. It’s fun, quick to piece, and y’all… she’s a beaut. Make one for yourself, make one for your friend, make one for somebody’s baby because we all know we could do with a little more light in this world. If you’ve never sewn curves before, this is a super great place to start!

Don’t let yourself be deterred. You can do it. For real.

The Beauty of an Inspired Home

Or perhaps one of your mediums is your home.

Building a place you can rest and breathe. A space where you can invest in others, but also make room for yourself. A home filled to the brim with inspiration, worth, and comfort.

Perhaps your joy is creating that kind of space and gosh, isn't that beautiful.
I hope my collection of original quilts can help you on that path.

Collect an Original

Invest in the joy and comfort of your home.


Not only is there so much meaning in creating or buying something handcrafted, but 10% of every purchase made goes to a differnet non-profit each quarter.

In buying a pattern or an original quilt, you're not only investing in yourself, but also the greater community.


Every stitch is sturdy - weaving together something that will comfort, catch tears, and hold joy.

A well-made quilt is something that you can invest in and cherish for years. But it's also something that will hold sons and cradle daughters. Your own memories will be stitched right into it.

A physical representation of love.


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