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Things that have become so routine in a culture that they’re second nature.

Let our ways be for creation and not destruction.
Let them be for preservation and care, not waste.
Let’s be for love.

Love for what we steward, love for what we create, love for what we decide to purchase, and love for one another.


Custom Quilts

A quilt is memory - It’s comfort and it’s love.

I hope that every time you pull out your quilt, it envelopes you in the memories that are imprinted in it. I hope that it envokes the deep sense of love and care that were cultivated during its use. I hope that it connects you with the people you love, even when they’re not right beside you. And I hope that it will stay in your family, and make your loved ones feel the same way for years to come.

Make it yours! Shoot me an email - I can't wait to get started.

Make your purchase meaningful

How we give back