A Letter to My Daughter Before Your Sister Arrives

I'm going to miss this. This time where it was just you, your dad, and I. This time where I could fully take in your face without making room for another. Where we could be selfish with our time - fully dedicated to one.

Sweet girl, please know that my heart expands. The space that you occupy doesn't need to be shared, it will simply open up. Maybe it will feel like you are losing something, like you need to hold tight with an unfailing grasp. But know, I am holding you. I am holding you now and I will hold you to eternity. My arms were made for you.

My arms were made for her as well. And if my guess is correct, she'll be as fiery and expansive as you. But hear me - there is room. Hear me - there is space here. In our home. In our life. In our hearts. Your beautiful heart will shine just as bright in my eyes. There will be no dimming. Your wild soul will have just as much room to be. There will be no pacifying. Your life will be just as full. There will be no minimizing.

Finley Jo, here is what I want you to remember and believe: the well is deep, sweet girl. In fact, for you and your sister it is endless.

little girl sitting cuddled in a colorful modern quilt

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