To All the Women, Mothers, and Soccer Moms
If I am to have life...

then I will run wildly toward the light.
I will dig deep and allow all that I'm feeling without fear.
I will not turn my back on what is real and tender.
I will allow myself to do more than just survive.
I will honor what's mine to share with the world.
I will not dim my light for fear of rejection.
I will create and believe that I am worthy of doing so.

If I am to have life then I will have it in full.

Today, and every day, I want to shout out the worth of the women in my life. I want the world to cherish my mother and my mother's mother. I want the value of women to be know.

But this world doesn't always see us that way. I saw a license plate the other day on a minivan that defiantly declared the owner "not a soccer mom." And my first thought was, "You should be so lucky."

As a mother, I am not less then. I am not boring. I am not some sticky thing on the sidewalk that you sidle around so as not to touch it. I am a whole human and I fucking birth life. You should be so lucky. If it's not in this world to value women, if our society doesn't have the wisdom to see the value in a mother, then let's see it in ourselves. 

So here's to all the women and mothers (and soccer moms). I see your vibrance - I am brighter for it. I see your light - the world is better for it. I see your passion and your brilliance, and the way you make this world so beautiful. I see your wonderful, creative, artistic heart. 

Don't dim yourself for anyone. You create life, but you're also here to live it too. Let's have life and have it in full. 

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