A folkway is…

a thing that is so routine in a culture that it becomes second nature.

Color. Joy. Abundance. It's all around us, but for some reason we can walk through life blind to that magic.

The birth of my two daughters tore off that veil for me. I woke up to the beauty I was sleep-walking through. I not only found this magic outside of me, but I found a deep well within me that I hadn't yet let come to life.

There's something about becoming a mother that can truly shake you, in the hardest and best ways. It's so vulnerable and it strips away your protective layers - you know, the bullshit. And if you let it, you can come out the other side brighter, more vibrant, and truer to yourself.

That's my hope for myself, and if you find yourself in a similar situation (mother or no) then that's my hope for you. Let's shake off our old folkways and step boldly into new ones.

It's vulnerable to feel our joy fully. It's scary to let the colors of our soul shine. But here's the thing... the world needs our color and it needs our joy. If there's a shortage of something in this world, it is a shortage of people letting their joy be big, abundant, and authentic. We need more people stepping into their true colors unapologetically.

Let's be those people.

Much love to you all!


How we give
Every quarter I choose a different non-profit, and I will donate 10% of sales for that quarter to that non-profit. I chose to do 10% of sales instead of 10% of profit, because of accountability. Sales means hard numbers - I will have actually sold this amount of $$. Where as profits is a very subjective number. Profit could simply mean the amount of $$ after cost of goods is taken out or it could mean the $$ left after all business deductions for the month is taken out. Those could be very different numbers. And so for accountability for myself and respect for your purchases, I will stick with 10% of all sales.

The non-profit for the current quarter is Girls on Shred- skateboard and snowboard clinics for female and non-binary folks.

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