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A folkway is…

a thing that is so routine in a culture that it becomes second nature.

Staying busy. Achievement. Financial success. I used to exert so much energy for the sake of these things, often without being aware of it. And then my daughter, Finley, was born. My world was ripped open (literally and figuratively). I couldn’t keep up my old ways, but I was surprised to find I didn’t want to.

I settled into the slower pace of life that babies are so tuned into. Initially I started questioning my worth, but after a while I started questioning the societal norms that encouraged me to question my worth as a mother.

My goal is to offer a chance to consider different folkways. I’d like to encourage you to believe that you are not powerless in our current system. If you are looking for an alternative to the idea that you are only useful as a entity to make money - I’d like to empower you. You can make. You can create. You can grow. You can heal.

You have the strength and power to challenge the current beliefs that are holding you back. And in my small way, I’d like to help.

I think sharing information is radical, especially when it leads to creation, sustainability, and empowerment. I may only be sharing quilting patterns, sewing tutorials, GOTS fabric, and heirloom products, but if that encourages one person to believe in themselves to try something new or to cherish a product for its long-term value, than that’s enough.

Much love to you all!



How we give

Every quarter I choose a different non-profit, and I will donate 10% of sales for that quarter to that non-profit. I chose to do 10% of sales instead of 10% of profit, because of accountability. Sales means hard numbers - I will have actually sold this amount of $$. Where as profits is a very subjective number. Profit could simply mean the amount of $$ after cost of goods is taken out or it could mean the $$ left after all business deductions for the month is taken out. Those could be very different numbers. And so for accountability for myself and respect for your purchases, I will stick with 10% of all sales.

The non-profit for the current quarter is the Missoula Food Bank and Community Center.